Undiscipline kids!

Well, yesterday during my driving class i was shocked when i saw from a 16yrs old kids being so disrespecful to an instructor. We have a great class instructor who is patient and willing to do his power just to teach class a good ways in driving, and while he is explaining there are kids who are laughing during his discussion and he asked the kids " what is funny about? what is funny of what i said?(instructor question to kids) and kids replied nothing but they are giving him this attitude that blows his nerves away and he said to the kids that if you dont wanna listen get out and come whenever you are ready to listen, " kids get embarrass and said something bad words to the instructor "your an asshole and thats in front of that class followed by your "G" . The instructor ask him, " what did you called me and he actually say word again, I was really shocked about it?Then, instructor ended the class discussion for that day i felt bad cause no body backing up for him i want to but i'm scared cause i don't wanna involve into a fight. I just can't believe what i heard and saw. Those kids are supposed to be well decipline cause they a military kids but it is so opposite and that i wont tolerate to my son, he will grow as a nice kid and always respecful to anybody.

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JeFf &NoVa said...

that is hideous, parents might not that good and disrespect people too, mao na nakita sa bata, maong he is also applying it to anybody else. sus, kay ug ako lang tog, dugo lagi ang baba ba! hahahaha.. pero i doubt it they would probably sue me for that..