My family circle

The one in the right with a long hair is second to the younger sister, the one in the left is the younger sister their both look like me too.hehehe Who is wearing red stripe is next to me,( dont get confuse, what i meant is that the twin were born 2years after me) they are actually twin but too bad her twin doesn't have picture cause she lives with my lola in the province but they are identical twin, they really look alike to each other." the one with microphone is my younger sister still.
my sister and my cousin gerald this little baby is my cousin too. I just can't remember his name.
My sister and some tenage actor... she might asked him for picture taking. my younger sister kimberly

my sister joy

my sister maricor and her twin name is marites

my cousin catherine

I am so happy if i saw my family happy too.

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