I'm just being a Packrat

Husband and i has been married almost two years but we already collected a lot of stuff at home that cannot be use, specially clothes and some miscellaneous things. We were cleaning the house last weekend and we noticed that one room is full of unused stuff and and drawers are full of stuff that we couldn't use anymore. Husband told me that we have to give it away or donate it to the thrift shop so atleast it wont be stock and ruined. I was so disagree with him cause i can't let those stuff go i don't mind giving away our unused clothes but not the other stuff cause we can still use it someday also i have a lot of relatives na "makikinabang nito" so why should i give it away to people i didn't know if this will help and mean something to my relatives. I like to collect stuff and keep it than giving it away to smebody else, i have trouble in letting things go. But i can't blame myself that's how i race "di naman kami mayaman noh na pamimigay lang yong mga gamit".
Anyway, here in okinawa specially military bases, my god ! every garbage days there's a lot of stuff seating in the curve and it is still in a condition,like entertainment center, tv, table nd chair, sofa, bed and some nice stuff, if we can just buy a house here i probably load my house with a great stuff for free. Also here in okinawa you are not allowed to owned two cars, if there's only one member in your family have a lincense you only have one car or else you need to ask them to get their lincense. Also yo need to have your JCI (japanesse compulsory insurance) done every two years if your car can't pass for the inspection you can't drive it anywhere,unless you get it fix or rather throw it away or junk it. That's the law, cause for me i talking about cars, i'd rather buy new that getting it fix cause it is more expensive just to get it fix. Being packrat here doens't work cause you can't hide car for your family and also it is a criminal offense.

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