i finally got my driving learner's permit!

Yes, i just got my SOFA learner's permit, i've been here over 2years now but never have the confidence to learn driving before but the fact that my son is growing and life schedule is getting hectic finally my husband enrolled me to a driving class that makes me so nervous till right now but before i got my sofa learner's permit i have to take a sofa test and i was so scared that i might not pass the test but my husband always encourage me that i can make it, but he was right the test was so easy as long as your familiar with the traffic signs and traffic rules. The only the only im looking forward right now that hopefully i'll pass the roadtest so i can have my sofa lincense, means i can drive all over the place of okinawa if i have it but for now i'm only allowed on base.

Also if you have the learner's permit your sponsor or husband can teach you to drive inside base only and your driving instructor as well, last friday that was my first i touches the sterringwheel accompanying my husband with as my instructor and for the first timer driver my husband said i did good, i actually make the car move....hehhehe... just joking.. but seriously i'm having a hardtime to stay in the line where i am suppose to..scary right? but i will be good soon as i'm used to it.

The only thing that confusesme here is the road rule cause here in japan you always have to drive in the far left side of the road and also all cars here are all right handed.

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