bad day after another!

Last thursday i have a poptest on my driving course and my hubby had to take me to that area where the class are held, he told me that he just gonna go for a walk with jacob in the track while waiting for me after my driving class but some incidents that we dont expect to happen, well, he lost the car in the track and it is a night time so he walked around the track many times to look for a key but he couldn't find it so he ask when will the class be done and i said 10mins more cause i can't while the discussion is going on,( i priorities it right?but believe i can concentrate listening to the discussion cause i am worried of them outside soaking wet from walking and after the class i help him find the key we went thru the whole track again but still couldn't find, finally hubby give up and said we will go home by cab and ask a car manufacturer to made another car key for us since we dont have duplicate keys but my instinct is telling me to go one more try and that instinct helps i found the key seating on the grass and we went home safe and sound.

Next day my hubby got appointment for his new tattoo and i for my driving class again, but early this day i already set up for jacob's babysitter and she promised us to come over the time before i and hubby's transaction and i then she called us 3 hours before that she got into car accident and she can't make it so everything is ruined so i have to call another babysitter who is 15yrs old girl but she is CPR certified and have completed a babysitting class then i feel better and then unexpected bad time again cause jacob's face broke out really bad cause i let him tasted a tiny pieces of peanut chocolate without realizing that he is so allergy to any chocolate stuff now i am stuck cause i can't leave him alone with the babysitter and husband canceled his appoint and he watches jacob and now and save for my class.( self fish right?)

saturday i felt so clamsy after the practical driving and hubby really wanna hang out but i always forgetting something, we already drove close to the base gate and i just remembered that i left my ID at home casue we cant get in without Id and now we have to back home to grab it. What i bad day right?

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