Why is it all pictures?

To all my blog viewers/reader,

Do you wonder why i mostly post pictures than articles? well, i am a mother of a five month old baby who is starting to grow a teeth so it is hard for me to stay in the computer for so long and often, Yeah, your right it's a good excuse right there. But anyway, i dont have much article in blog cause i have a vise versa routine everyday so i thought it's a kinda annoying to tell you guys same story, direct to the point, Tamad lang jud ko.... hehhehe.

I have post a lot of pictures lately but we took those just in two days, two different places and that was just last weekend. My husband and i are far from our family i am from the philippines and he is from cincinnatti ohio but we live in okinawa japan so each of our family never see us for a very long time now but using this blog they can now view us here and also to my friends and to my becoming friends here in blog.

Thank you and enjoy viewing our pictures.


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