snake in a liqour!

My husband bought this wine, they called this as "habu sake" this is an alcohol drink and you probably thinking right now that it is disgusting well, according to my husband it really tasted terrible, Jason just took 4 shots only cause it is so strong when we compare to our liqour in pinas i think "lambanog" maybe but i'm not really sure cause i haven't taste both.He was just curious about this liqour and he heard from somebody that it is really good for knocking you out and he tried it but not to the extent that he will knock out.This liqour is the most famous here in okinawa and the price is rediculous too for this kind of bottle it cost $74 and i dont really understand how they price this much but anyway, They called the snake as "habu"is an indigenous snake on okinawa. They known as one of the most deadly snakes in the world.

It doesn't mean that you will be poison when you drink this stuff ofcourse they made this liquor safety, so do you wanna take a look on the snake inside it. here i took a close picture of a snake inside this bottle.

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