Learn basic okinawan/japanesse language

I've been here in okinawa for almost 2years now but i've never been interested about learning their language. I have met some filipina who offers to teach me japanese language cause according to her it is easy and it's so useful, yeah it is useful since we're still staying here for more than 2 years but my reason is how would i learn it fast if i am not interested about learning their language and also i am not married to japanese, i could careless at all.

Anyway, most of the japanese doesn't know how to speak english here so everytime you go to a store on town you have to make sure that you know what you are getting cause everything is written in japanese like one time we went to one of their big mall here "JUSCO" my husband and i wants to buy a pack of candy so while we're strolling around we have something to chew on but we ended getting the vinegar stuff, we taught that it was a good chewy candy cause it really looks like a jelly beans, unfortunately it's a vinegar so it ceases to the garbage can and buy real candy for the second time.
Since we're living here, we have to learn about their basic langauge cause sometimes you can't avoid calling emergencies and ask for help when needed." see i still learned it but i just memorize it actually.this are the languages that i memorized.

Moshi moshi
Is Janice there?
Janice-san imasuka?
May I ask who’s calling?
Dochira sama desho ka?
Just a minute, please.
Chotto matte kuda sai.
He/ she is not home now.
Ima, uchini imasen.
Ok. I’ll call later
Jaa, mata atode odenwa shimasu.
Thank you
Arigato gozaimas
You’re welcome
Dou itashi mashite
I made a mistake
Machi gae mashita
Do you speak English?
Eigo wo hana shi masuka?
I don’t understand Japanesse
Watashi we nihongo ga hanase masenn.
Where is the restroom?
Ote aria wa doko desuka?
Where is the telephone booth?
Kou shou denwa wa doko desuka?

How are you?
Ogenki desuka?
Good morning.
Ohayo gozai masu
Good afternoon
Konni chi wa
Good evening
Kon ban wa
Good bye
Sayo nara
Good night
Oya sumi nasai
Excuse me
Sumi masen
What is this?
Kore wa nandesuka?
Please call the police
Keisatsu wo yonde kudasai
Please call the ambulance
Kyu kyu sha wo yonde kudasai

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