products from pinas!

Lately, i ve been craving for filipino food here but i can't get the exact food that i really want which is all the kakanin, like, the maja blanka, suman, palitaw,halo-halo,mainit na pandesal. I know how to make this stuff but i can't find the ingredients anywhere so it is still useless.We're actually close to filipino store here but everything is so much expensive, 10times the prices their in pinas so i'd rather wait till my vacation their, as in, i will eat as much as my stomach could take it.
Sometimes a month my husband took me to a filipino store so i can grab some stuff for cooking. And this is what i got (see Picture). I actually made myself halo-halo but there is still lacking.
Jason likes filipino food also, he is not a picky in foods, sometimes we swing for dinner or lunch to the filipino restaurant as i mentioned above it is really expensive but if your really craving? it really doesn't matter the price atleast your satisfied.

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