Father and Son bonding

Jason work a long day always and sometimes he stays late at the office, His job is so stressful and giving him a lot of headache while I stay home with jacob everyday,but for him, works is not a good excuse at all for him not to spent time with his son although he needs to unwind from the pressures of the day and a lil time to relax bu he still manage his time.he always spend time to jacob everytime he came from work and before he is leaving to work in the morning.

The smiles and the gurgles of jacob makes his stress go away, jacob first word is (agoooooo.) and followed by "dada" that makes jason so happy, impress and excitement, then, we start calling him boo.booo, which jacob is trying to say it too but it just lil bit hard for him because everytime he tried to talk, jacob starts playing his tounge, bubbling and starts to slobber.

as you can see in the picture below.

Then jacob gets tired playing, it's time for them to take a snap.

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