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Nova tagged me this and i just wanna thank her for always tagging me.


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1. Chicken sa McDo, Jollibee, or KFC? KFC
2. Pepsi, Coke, or rootbeer? Coke
3. Greenwich, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab? pizza Hut
5. Beef, pork, or chicken? chicken
6. Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, or Gloria Jean’s? Starbucks
7. Cornflakes, Honey Stars, or Milo cereal? cornflakes
8. Goldilocks or Red Ribbon? goldilocks
9. Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy or Rai Rai Ken?- all i know is teriyaki
10. Take Out or Dine In?always dine in

just don't know where my four question went.


women trafficking

Last sunday when i and family went for a walk, we saw a group of filipino on the b.c street asking for peace about what happened to one of filipina who worked here but i'm just so confused about this kind of situation/problem, yes, i am 100% pinoy also but who is really responsible or to be blame of what happened, is it the women who work here for living? is it the parents of women's who let their daughter/kids to work here? is it the embassies for letting them in to their country? is it the agency who hired them or the person's who ran those kind of business or the person who is trying to get them out of their work just for some little fun? kinsa jud ang may sala? What can you say about this?

Yeah, i and family co incidently was there in the group for lil while and it wouldn't surprise me if you can see my face in the tv news in pinas.

Let's pray for peace.


how's life being in prison?

Yes, he needs to be in prison " i mean in a safety place like playpen or crib" sometime most specially when i need to do something or take shower since he knows how to walk and find me wherever i am located inside the house....hahhhaha, he even loves to sitdown on my lap while i am depositing in my private bank. Jacob is not the kind of kid who love to be held all the time cause he wants to be himself only but he loves to everybodies attention all the time.


still at the park

This is what we do every weekend spent family time together.

at schilling community center mini park


our way home

Right after we walked out the door from the place we hang out with we took picture of each other but i dont what happened to this though, it's blerd vision and still works little bit so we dont care.

in our date

So finally here we are, the couple date, heehehe...yes we always do this. Couples needs to have a date sometimes without the kid just to refresh and have fun, spent time to each other.

who's behind of all this

Hahaha, yeah i took a lot of picture and i just dont know why i really like taking picture this is even i was single just love it. Here is my solo " di jud ko palupig no mo solo jud ko"I'm little bit upset here cause our babysitter always comes late everytime.

while waiting for the baby sitter

Every other weekend i and husband has always set a night date at this time we are waiting for his baby sitter to came home while waiting i was taking picture of me and my son.

okinawa dragon palace

last friday we stroll out town cause we were so bored just staring at the television and somestimes we almost gets each other's nerves so we decided to get out from the house and get some air also make ourselves feel better from boredome.

In his daddy's lap

Early this morning jacob is waiting for his daddy to be home from working out so he can sleep in his lap. As you can see he is totally out but sometimes he did this on purpose just to stop jason from going anywhere.


i finally talked to one of my old friends in college

Yes, she is my old friend in college her name is lowela "este" aella, it's been a long time that i've been surfing my friends in the friendster but i cannot find them there but luckily i found one friend who used to have friendter and i was reading her comment but i didn't noticed that one who leave comment there is also my friend. Hay naku! i just miss all of them and im looking forward to see them again.


my husband got home early today

As i mentioned yesterday that jacob is sick, well, today we brought him to the hospital cause we are badly concern about his temperature because it went up to 104degree and jason was so worried too so he came home for lunch to take a look on him and check him as well and he was really burning that's why we rushed him to the hospital but as soon as we're about to see the pediatrician his fever cool down, it's weird right? but jacob is now feeling good and still need to watch him and check his temperature all the time.


on our way to kadena base

This is inside kadena base in okinawa, we are heading to one of the shoppette here to rent a movies cause we are so sick of the cable we have here, it's always the same show over and over again and the thing about it, is the movie that they are showing are made year 19forgotten.

At the gate 2 street of okinawa

I took jacob for a walk.... we are heading to 100yen store this time and i brought my camera with me so i can take picture of us while strolling around, too bad cause my son didn't feel good and sick, i need to hurry up and get him home before it gets bad.


so what did i missed here?

It's been a couple months that i turned my blogger off from viewing,Why? First, i am absolutely dissappointed on my template cause i can not figure out how to edit the body but maybe i should just live and use to it, second, i was so very busy lately, third, i dont know what to write and post into my blog and lastly is im not really sure if there is really reading my blog so why should i have to give time of my days of it. sorry about this part but anyway, i think i really missed a lot here cause i and my husband's birthday had been past but i still have nothing to say about it also the US independence day event too but i will cope up next time events here. I just wanna welcome myself here in my blog.

pissed and happy!

introducing his own drawers!

babies are all cute in their own way

Just like the one we have...

he just woke up...

he always has a post

When kids are growing and learn to develop self activity they said that it is a dangerous stage for their age cause they are learning how to do things the're not suppose to, well, i agree with that casue i observed that from my own son.... since he starts crawling i have to watch him all the time cause he likes to play those electric sucket and poke his finger on it. that's why it is really important to always have a safety protector/materials for our little ones.

i can't believe how fast this kid is growing

Just a month ago he is only crawling but days past and now he is already learning how to walk. He is only 9months old but he can stand his own without any support... i guess it's too early for his age, right? Or maybe most boys are just fast learner. wait a minute, he can only have 5to6 step only but i think it's amazing for his age.