what is marriage?

Before jason and me got married he asked me this question " what is marriage for you?" and I replied him " marriage is friendship, loyalty, patience and staying romantic not arguing. It means having someone to turn and lean on at times of problem and frustration and most specially marriage is listening, caring and understanding.Sacred bonding for a life time." Too serious diba?

And on the day of our marriage i said to him this ( you are the love of my life and if i could only have one wish, it would be to bring youas much happiness as you brought me and when i think all of the ways you make me happy, i can't hardly believe my luck in having a husband as wonderful as you cause since we've been together my life has changed in si many positive ways and negative from the other ways.I will promise you with all my heart and soul to love you forever till my last breath. Gabaga baga among gugma diba? " it's like we are setting each other hearts on fire.LOL


what do think guys?

yes this is him now and 2weeks after his birth. Kids in this generation madaling lumaki.

we are ready for a walk

jacob in his cute post

I am a relax little guy

jacob in his swing and gym

jacob in his stroller and carseat

it is so important that our baby is in safety before taking him anywhere for a ride. Actually, here when you have baby in the car he/she has to be in a carseat or else you will ve confiscated by the cops and deal with counselling, and baby progaram.

jason in his charlie's uniform

the USMC imposed new order that all marines need to wear their charlie every 1st friday of the month. they all look so formal and net.


restriction for SOFA STATUS member in okinawa japan

hay naku! here in okinawa is a nice place but according to my husband it is sorrounded with Japanesse who hates Americans coz american's are occupying their place here... american bases are all over here. These are air force base, marine base, navy base, and army base. Okinawa is sorrounded with night bars and club where all the fling2 happened but anyway, japanesse always under estamate filipina or japanesse guy mostly dont respect woman " pigs diba? especially filipina cause they thought all pinay works in a bar which is really pretty sad for us na mga pinay but i just want you guys to know that the age of consent for sex here for a Japanese girl is 13years old tawon sa ato this age still has milk in their mouth some of us na mga pinay are still virgin at the age of 25up.

the story is most of the young militaries loves to hang out in a bars and get drunk and u know naman kung hubog ka you are having a hard time to walk i mean you can but it is going to be a zigzag way as long as you can still carry your self. So there was a news about a young marine here who got drunk last weekend as in for real, what he does is went inside the house of a japanesse and he laid down in the couch even if he dont know who owns and live there, he might just wanna sleep and he can't take himself home but anyway, he was 100% past out in the couch and it was 4:30am and the old woman came out from their room and shocked when she saw the yong guy lying down in their couch inside their house that scared and freaked herself out of it not really sure if they called a police or not but 2 weeks before this there was a news about marine was susppected for raping a 14year old japanesse school girl and im not really sure if he is found guilty or not. daghan kaya news diri na japanesse mismo nagahimo ang kabalasubasan but their just making a very big deal if the american did things like this i mean it is a a big deal but japanesse should be fair to their own fellowmen if they suspected them of doing crimes kaya because of what happened mga military family member are not allowed to stroll off base or japanesse area which sucks for for coz i can't drive to the bases all i can do is do shopping to 100yen plaza coz it's only a walking distance from where we live kaya as of now we feel like prisoner here.


jason and jacob

jason at jusco park

this place is around jusco park.... every weekends jason's always take me to any department store here in okinawa which i love it cause it's the only time we spend time together.


at his 1st month

daddy and jacob

my husband and our little one.... jacob was 1week only here.


this is jacob at his first day... where in the hospital this time..i just give birth with him.


at his 3mos.

his sitting in the couch... kicking and getting tired and sleepy.


doctor and nurses are busy.... they to make if baby is doing okay..