he is rolling over

Early this morning im just watching my son laying on the floor and observe his movement while jason just left heading to work and this is what i observed to jacob:

  • turn and twist in all directions
  • roll from his back to his stomach and sometimes setups lil bit
  • creep/scoot backwards and forwards on his tummy

he stars here at first he's watching tv upside down and then starts to roll over and scoot himself till he ended in the floor then, there he is, in the floor, crying cause he is really tired
i picked him up, feed him and put him in his crib a and he actually went to sleep.

jacob's reaction when looking himself in the mirror

watch himself and smile cause he thinks it's another babylaughing cause he saw himself closely
wondering why is his face in the mirror
he is really confuse of everything
then lookback at me and shy to himself why he is doing all that.

Father and Son bonding

Jason work a long day always and sometimes he stays late at the office, His job is so stressful and giving him a lot of headache while I stay home with jacob everyday,but for him, works is not a good excuse at all for him not to spent time with his son although he needs to unwind from the pressures of the day and a lil time to relax bu he still manage his time.he always spend time to jacob everytime he came from work and before he is leaving to work in the morning.

The smiles and the gurgles of jacob makes his stress go away, jacob first word is (agoooooo.) and followed by "dada" that makes jason so happy, impress and excitement, then, we start calling him boo.booo, which jacob is trying to say it too but it just lil bit hard for him because everytime he tried to talk, jacob starts playing his tounge, bubbling and starts to slobber.

as you can see in the picture below.

Then jacob gets tired playing, it's time for them to take a snap.


family faces

There was a time when, if someone had told me that I could actually find everything I i ever wanted in love, I would have rolled my eyes skyward and passed it off as idealism.How could it be that in this world of great comprise, someone could be so lucky? I've always found it difficult to accept that there is such a thing as a blissful romance but time has changed my mind about the possibilities, something about the way I feel when i had my husband with me tells me that it's safe to believe in the unbelievable and that maybe in this great compromise, I could really be one of the lucky ones.
My husband and my son are an amazing compilation of all wonderful qualities I've been praying for,and even though no one is perfect, I have found something very close to it in them.
I'm just so proud of them.

chilli from cincinnati

Jason sister and family, sent us a bunch of chilli's in can.This is one of the famous food in cincinnati.Right at the day we received it from them, Jason made a sphagetti sauce and he absolutely knew that i am gonna like it and yeah he was right it was really good, specially when you add a lot of shredded cheese in it, SO YUMMY.
The skyline company should pay us for advertising their product on our website.(just joking).
To Jackie and family, thank you guys for sending us the chilli's and jason said he really misses you guys so much and we can't wait to see guys soon.

products from pinas!

Lately, i ve been craving for filipino food here but i can't get the exact food that i really want which is all the kakanin, like, the maja blanka, suman, palitaw,halo-halo,mainit na pandesal. I know how to make this stuff but i can't find the ingredients anywhere so it is still useless.We're actually close to filipino store here but everything is so much expensive, 10times the prices their in pinas so i'd rather wait till my vacation their, as in, i will eat as much as my stomach could take it.
Sometimes a month my husband took me to a filipino store so i can grab some stuff for cooking. And this is what i got (see Picture). I actually made myself halo-halo but there is still lacking.
Jason likes filipino food also, he is not a picky in foods, sometimes we swing for dinner or lunch to the filipino restaurant as i mentioned above it is really expensive but if your really craving? it really doesn't matter the price atleast your satisfied.

snake in a liqour!

My husband bought this wine, they called this as "habu sake" this is an alcohol drink and you probably thinking right now that it is disgusting well, according to my husband it really tasted terrible, Jason just took 4 shots only cause it is so strong when we compare to our liqour in pinas i think "lambanog" maybe but i'm not really sure cause i haven't taste both.He was just curious about this liqour and he heard from somebody that it is really good for knocking you out and he tried it but not to the extent that he will knock out.This liqour is the most famous here in okinawa and the price is rediculous too for this kind of bottle it cost $74 and i dont really understand how they price this much but anyway, They called the snake as "habu"is an indigenous snake on okinawa. They known as one of the most deadly snakes in the world.

It doesn't mean that you will be poison when you drink this stuff ofcourse they made this liquor safety, so do you wanna take a look on the snake inside it. here i took a close picture of a snake inside this bottle.

Learn basic okinawan/japanesse language

I've been here in okinawa for almost 2years now but i've never been interested about learning their language. I have met some filipina who offers to teach me japanese language cause according to her it is easy and it's so useful, yeah it is useful since we're still staying here for more than 2 years but my reason is how would i learn it fast if i am not interested about learning their language and also i am not married to japanese, i could careless at all.

Anyway, most of the japanese doesn't know how to speak english here so everytime you go to a store on town you have to make sure that you know what you are getting cause everything is written in japanese like one time we went to one of their big mall here "JUSCO" my husband and i wants to buy a pack of candy so while we're strolling around we have something to chew on but we ended getting the vinegar stuff, we taught that it was a good chewy candy cause it really looks like a jelly beans, unfortunately it's a vinegar so it ceases to the garbage can and buy real candy for the second time.
Since we're living here, we have to learn about their basic langauge cause sometimes you can't avoid calling emergencies and ask for help when needed." see i still learned it but i just memorize it actually.this are the languages that i memorized.

Moshi moshi
Is Janice there?
Janice-san imasuka?
May I ask who’s calling?
Dochira sama desho ka?
Just a minute, please.
Chotto matte kuda sai.
He/ she is not home now.
Ima, uchini imasen.
Ok. I’ll call later
Jaa, mata atode odenwa shimasu.
Thank you
Arigato gozaimas
You’re welcome
Dou itashi mashite
I made a mistake
Machi gae mashita
Do you speak English?
Eigo wo hana shi masuka?
I don’t understand Japanesse
Watashi we nihongo ga hanase masenn.
Where is the restroom?
Ote aria wa doko desuka?
Where is the telephone booth?
Kou shou denwa wa doko desuka?

How are you?
Ogenki desuka?
Good morning.
Ohayo gozai masu
Good afternoon
Konni chi wa
Good evening
Kon ban wa
Good bye
Sayo nara
Good night
Oya sumi nasai
Excuse me
Sumi masen
What is this?
Kore wa nandesuka?
Please call the police
Keisatsu wo yonde kudasai
Please call the ambulance
Kyu kyu sha wo yonde kudasai


Why is it all pictures?

To all my blog viewers/reader,

Do you wonder why i mostly post pictures than articles? well, i am a mother of a five month old baby who is starting to grow a teeth so it is hard for me to stay in the computer for so long and often, Yeah, your right it's a good excuse right there. But anyway, i dont have much article in blog cause i have a vise versa routine everyday so i thought it's a kinda annoying to tell you guys same story, direct to the point, Tamad lang jud ko.... hehhehe.

I have post a lot of pictures lately but we took those just in two days, two different places and that was just last weekend. My husband and i are far from our family i am from the philippines and he is from cincinnatti ohio but we live in okinawa japan so each of our family never see us for a very long time now but using this blog they can now view us here and also to my friends and to my becoming friends here in blog.

Thank you and enjoy viewing our pictures.


daddy, mommy and son

taken at araja beach okinawa

it's really nice here

one of the okinawa park

we just wanna get rid of the films

family time pictures

Sometimes family needs to take pictures for fun notice i still have mud mask in my face. I need to do emergency face caring cause my face is turning into a MAP and this is very disappointing.


this is what he looks like when jacob is pisssst!

whatta post of him

he is all pa cute

jacob in his jumper


jacob is only five months old but he loves to play peekaboo with me and jason but look after he got tired from playing this is what happen to him.knock out!