jacob's first birthday!

There wasn't a lot of people in the party but we did our best to make the party successful, we have clown and everything.... the party was pretty nice but the birthday celebrant was sick and that's why he didn't enjoy his party that much for he is not feeling good.


recently taken

Hubby and i has been busy lately and we didn't have time for night out because of the hectic time at work and for me being in my driving class... yesterday, we decided to go out and have fun, spend time to each other and go for a dinner but while we are waiting for his babysitter we're taking post.


special greetings to someone special

You guys must be confuse now, well here's the story! When i was 14yrs old i 'm already under the care of her hands, she is the one who race me to be who i am now, who treated my like her own daughter and who gaves me the love and care that i need, who always there for me when a need a shoulder. She taught me on how to be strong and be patience all the time. And i really appreciates and thankful to all those things and even if i don't have any material things for you bu it's the thought that is count and you will always here in my heart. For the finaly speech.... happy birthday and more birthday to come and i really hope that i will see you guys soon.

my husband was a lucky winner

He is one of the lucky winner in one of the news paper here in okinawa, i signed our names in that form and fortunately his names was pulled out from the raffle draw. Then, the staff called him to pick up his prize and they took us a picture, the news updated winners just came out today.

This is what the news paper says:

Jason Adams won a \2,500 discount ticket to Kupu Kupu Spa and another \2,500 discount ticket to Jason Arbocast Photography. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he has lived on Okinawa five years. He says that Okinawa is the best duty station he has experienced so far. “I love city life, small towns and countryside is not for me,” he states. “I also became a father and a husband here, so Okinawa has changed my life quite a bit,” he says.


proud USMC wife

Yeeeeeehhheehhhh! my hubby got selected for promotion, God really answered my prayer. I am so happy when we found out that his name is one of the list as we know that getting promoted in military is very hard and sometimes you have to wait for a very long time to get this but for some reason you really have to wait, i mean, they have different field of job " they called it their (MOS) if you are in a MOS that promotes fast then your lucky but if your not then you have to wait or make a good move to get what you want. But anyway, i just wanna congratulate my hubby and to all who got selected.


nothing to do!

Our weather here is pretty bad right now for there is a big typhoon coming and it said that this is category 4 which is the strong one and this will probably hits us here by sunday night and monday so everybody is preparing for it's coming, like us here can't go anywhere cause of the strong wind that might blow us away when we tried to stroll around so to kill time i'm taking picture of my son as my camera model all the time.


a tagged from nova: Define true love


Desperate Blogger/ My Precious Niche/ Just Me..Eds / Eds Mommy Life / //supernova & sweetpain/ /adams family/ YOUR BLOGS

1.What does true love mean to you?

* it means everything. like caring, acceptance, understading, sacrifice and all that.

2.How do you know you’re really in love? :::

*when your partner is hurt your hurt....and being scared loosing each of you.

3.How many times in your life have you fallen in love? :::

*I'm sure that i fallen in love one time only when i met my hubby.... the rest was false love because of immaturity.hehhe

4.Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?

*nope, never felt that way! love for him is forever no matter what.

5.Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing? :::

*i don't think so.

6.If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way? :::

*yes, i will.

7.Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love? :::

*nope, it's my feelings and nobody can ever dictate me how to feel and love.

8.Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love? :::

*I'm not really sure about this, i heard a lot of story about people who got divorced and some of them said that they don't love their partner for they only after for some things for themselves and too bad for the other partner "who is truly in love "for they are being used.

9.Would you do anything for love? :::

*absolutely, as long as it is for good.

10.If you truly love someone, do you feel it should be unconditional? :::

*definitely YES.


from a long days of holiday

Hay naku! the 4days offwork from holiday is over. Those days goesby so fast but we enjoyed it though by going to any place here.