outgrowing his clothes so fast!

Yesterday i was busy cleaning my son's drawer and i noticed that he has a lot of clothes/stuff that he can no longer use cause it won't fit.But we the mommies are good in keeping this kind of stuff for the next one... heheehe, yes, it's true after 5years from now i wanna have a girl too and hopefully it's gonna be a girl cause if not we'll make another one again,(Just kidding) i really wanna just have two. But anyway, since he outgrowing clothes so fast i was starting to buy him clothes and it is 2-3months ahead of the size his in. Is it new? NO. If there is ukay-ukay in pinas and yard sale in the states, well here there is a thriftshop and that's where i go to shop for clothes ofcourse not all of them are from there some of his/ours clothes also are new cause we need it too.I'm just being a smart clothes shopper cause it too expensive to buy him all new then, after few months it won't fit again.

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