my husband was a lucky winner

He is one of the lucky winner in one of the news paper here in okinawa, i signed our names in that form and fortunately his names was pulled out from the raffle draw. Then, the staff called him to pick up his prize and they took us a picture, the news updated winners just came out today.

This is what the news paper says:

Jason Adams won a \2,500 discount ticket to Kupu Kupu Spa and another \2,500 discount ticket to Jason Arbocast Photography. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he has lived on Okinawa five years. He says that Okinawa is the best duty station he has experienced so far. “I love city life, small towns and countryside is not for me,” he states. “I also became a father and a husband here, so Okinawa has changed my life quite a bit,” he says.

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Imelda said...

wow, two good news for your hubby, when it rains it really pours. Congrats, sis and to ur hubby.