women trafficking

Last sunday when i and family went for a walk, we saw a group of filipino on the b.c street asking for peace about what happened to one of filipina who worked here but i'm just so confused about this kind of situation/problem, yes, i am 100% pinoy also but who is really responsible or to be blame of what happened, is it the women who work here for living? is it the parents of women's who let their daughter/kids to work here? is it the embassies for letting them in to their country? is it the agency who hired them or the person's who ran those kind of business or the person who is trying to get them out of their work just for some little fun? kinsa jud ang may sala? What can you say about this?

Yeah, i and family co incidently was there in the group for lil while and it wouldn't surprise me if you can see my face in the tv news in pinas.

Let's pray for peace.

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