filipina community gathering

Yesterday my husband took me to one of my filipina friends house so i could hang out with them cause i never visited them since my husband and i moved in this new appartment and it is almost two years i've been forgetting to visit them so one of them invite me to their home. Early in the morning like 6:00 am i went their cause i need ride from my husband and besides their house is on the way to jason work.(sayo lagi naglatagaw)

As i was really surprised when i got there because i witness to this terrible arguement between two filipina, (long story)"so i just wanna say that when you choose a friends better be good", you can have friends as long as you want but stay away about involving in any gossips so you'll be out of trouble but anyway, spending time with your filipina friends and their kids feels like at home i mean feels like you are in pinas.Everybody is making their own filipino especialty. Its really fun hanging out with them.
They're also married to a us military man and most of their husband are in iraq this time and staying there for 6-8mos sad but no choice, so to help them out from depress,worried and boredome we decided to have this little gathering once a week. ( sounds cool right)i took picture of them while eating and talking and also took pictures of our may dugong pinoy kids.
There's actually a bunch of them but i just couldn't take them pictures cause they are so busy in doing something and some has to leave early cause they need to work.

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