what is marriage?

Before jason and me got married he asked me this question " what is marriage for you?" and I replied him " marriage is friendship, loyalty, patience and staying romantic not arguing. It means having someone to turn and lean on at times of problem and frustration and most specially marriage is listening, caring and understanding.Sacred bonding for a life time." Too serious diba?

And on the day of our marriage i said to him this ( you are the love of my life and if i could only have one wish, it would be to bring youas much happiness as you brought me and when i think all of the ways you make me happy, i can't hardly believe my luck in having a husband as wonderful as you cause since we've been together my life has changed in si many positive ways and negative from the other ways.I will promise you with all my heart and soul to love you forever till my last breath. Gabaga baga among gugma diba? " it's like we are setting each other hearts on fire.LOL

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NoVa said...

sos, puede pang movie inyong pose here... soo nice jud... totally a perfect match mong jason